A Champion for Public Education

About Tyler

Tyler is first and foremost an educator, drawing from his experience in the classroom to lead our Board of Education in making decisions that put students first, support the needs of our educators, and strengthen community partnerships with our district.

Tyler values our community. A lifelong Kentuckian and proud alumnus of Lexington’s Transylvania University, he has called Fayette County home for a decade. He recognizes and values the diversity of our community and is active in community service organizations, serving as a mentor for Transylvania University students and a member of the Session at Lexington’s First Presbyterian Church. Working on the Board of Education, Tyler has forged close partnerships with community leaders.

Tyler is a National Board Certified Teacher of Social Studies at Boyle County High School. Tyler sees teaching as one of the highest callings of service–combing his passion for education with a deeply held commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others. As an educator, he remains an advocate for students, teachers, and community members.

Tyler was first elected to our Board of Education in 2018 as a champion for public education and has carried that commitment into his work on the Board of Education. Tyler was elected unanimously in January 2021 as Chairman of the Board of Education at a time when we were grappling with the tragic loss of a superintendent and the ongoing challenges of a global pandemic. Tyler’s steady, student-focused leadership helped steer Fayette County Public Schools through these challenges and will continue to guide his work if elected to a second term.