School Board races often don’t get much attention. But given the threats facing our public schools, this year’s elections are critical. And while too many are quick to attack our public schools and educators, we’ve had enough of that from Frankfort.
Fayette County is fortunate to have a community committed to quality education and opportunities for our children. As a member of the School Board, I want to build upon the progress we’ve made and work to ensure every child benefits from this quality education. I’m running to be an advocate for education and to offer suggestions on how we can build on these successes.
How do we do this?
  • We need to listen to teachers, staff, students, and families to make sure every school has the resources they need to meet every child where they are and help them achieve their potential.
  • Continue the progress we’ve made with Empowerment Zones, targeting schools in most need of support and staffing.
  • Identify students with special education needs early, continually monitor the services offered to ensure they’re adequate, providing sufficient staff to meet those needs, and communicate clearly with parents and families about their rights.
  • Ensure SBDM members are empowered to make decisions at the local level, understanding the School Improvement Plan process as a means of securing additional funding and their role in hiring.
  • Maintain an open, transparent process to ensure clear communication with stakeholders at every level. I want points of contact at every school representing teachers, support staff, administrators, families, and students. School Boards spend taxpayer money, so it is important you know where your money is going and how it is being used.
  • We have to get serious about expanding early childhood education. Fayette County can and should be leader in providing universal pre-K to our families.
  • Kentucky legislation places School Boards in the position of authorizing charter schools. I’m the only candidate committed to stopping charters in our community because the evidence is clear: they don’t work.
  • Teachers, support staff, and students need an advocate who will stand with them shoulder-to-shoulder in Frankfort to fight for the resources they need.
  • Local taxpayers are footing the bill for Frankfort’s failure to fund public education. I will work with elected officials in Frankfort to ensure they’re held accountable.
  • I’m committed to ensuring schools are safe and secure environments to work and learn. We need to update our facilities to carry out that commitment and improve social services to support students emotionally as well as intellectually.
  • Too often, teachers and students are bogged down by continual testing. I’d advocate for a “Testing DNA – Data Needs Analysis,” asking administrators prior to issuing any mandated assessments to evaluate the necessity of additional testing, how the data will be used, what information could be gained, and the impact of lost instructional time.
  • Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom or during the school day. As a leader on the School Board, I’d reach out to neighborhood partners–churches, non-profits, businesses, neighborhood groups–so we can support learning in our communities.
  • Schools reflect the communities in which they’re located. If we are committed to improving our public schools then we need to work together to improve our public communities. In so doing, we can moving closer to our shared goal of quality, equitable education for all.
  • FCPS has seen success with the FirstFive program, FEED, Success Academy, and summer learning, but we need to expand these and after school options to meet the needs of more students and families.
  • We have to engage families in new and diverse ways, including providing transportation to open houses, taking the school out into the neighborhood, and breaking the divide that often exists between the school as an institution and our families.